About Cloud Nine Doodles

Cloud Nine Doodles is a family business that has been breeding puppies for over 35 years. We are located a few hours outside of Seattle, in Lynden, Washington.

Every year we produce a few litters and have a limited number of puppies available for adoption.

Recognized for the highest quality standards in dog breeding. Check us out on Gooddog.com (click badge). We have earned the badge of Excellence for our high quality standards in health testing and our breeding practices.

We ensure our dogs are healthy and have been raised with the utmost of integrity from the time they are born until we place them in your arms.

Why Choose Cloud Nine

We believe the beginning is the most important time of a puppy’s life… so we make the most of the first eight weeks; Nutrition, socialization, love, and an emphasis on a secure environment in those first few weeks makes a lifetime impact… and it should never be taken lightly. We follow it up with Volhardt personality testing, beginning training, socialization, high-quality nutrition, and then we place them in the best homes possible. We follow it up with top-notch customer care that doesn't end when you get your puppy - we're here for you whenever you need us. Put it all together, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Health Testing

Before breeding we ensure that our dogs are fully healthy tested, both physically and genetically, to produce the healthiest and most beautiful doodle dogs you ever find. 

Cutest Puppies

We have the cutest Doodles from Seattle, Washington to Vancouver, British Columbia, and beyond. If you are interested in bringing home a Double Doodle or Bernedoodle, we are your number one choice!


Adding a new family member doesn't have to break the bank. We could charge a lot more because of our high-quality breeding practices, but we choose to keep our prices much lower than other breeders because we believe every family deserves a Doodle.

Bring Home A New Family Member Today.

We take great care in responsibly choosing the best families for our puppies and to make sure each litters is going to families that understand the responsibilities of having a Doodle. We always focus on quality over quantity.

We ensure all our puppies are going to safe and secure homes.

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Cloud Nine Doodles Specializing In Bernedoodles and Double Doodle
Meet Dexter a beautiful Doodle Puppy

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