Double Doodle Breeding Program

At Cloud Nine Doodles, our Double Doodle breeding program dogs are part of our family and live with us at our home.


We own two beautiful Doodle girls; Shiloh is our F1 Goldendoodle born 2013, and Gracie is a Double Doodle (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle) born in 2016 to a breeding between Shiloh and Scout (owned by Dreamland Doodles).


Shiloh and Gracie have undergone thorough health and genetic testing. These girls have a such balanced and loving natures – so willing to please and so easy to train. Some of the best family dogs around… and if you want to do agility… Gracie’s your girl!

About The Double Doodle

(Information courtesy of the US Service Dogs)

“Double Doodles and their parents are renowned for their gentle nature and how well they get along with children and even strangers. They are known to be extremely calm and patient and are considered great family pets for this very reason. Double Doodles are intelligent and friendly dogs that take well to training efforts. They tend to do well with other dogs and enjoy spending time socializing with family and other animals.

(… And From

The highly social, family-oriented Double Doodle is known to be a loving and intelligent dog, making him a great mix with kids and other animals.  While he will bark at strangers, his easy-going personality and tendency to not feel cautious around new faces make him a questionable watchdog. He is however highly trainable and adept at search-and-rescue, hunting, retrieving, and narcotics detection. So, while your Double Doodle will never exactly be a threatening guard dog, there are so many wonderful things that he could be trained to do. Or he could simply be a loving and obedient member of your family. That’s the most popular choice, because these pups are just so extraordinarily lovable.

Our Dogs

Our Double Doodles are friendly and heartwarming dogs. They have completed physically completed physical and health testing. 

Please see below for more individual information on our girls.


Standard F1 GoldenDoodle


Shiloh is the lady and matriarch of Cloud Nine Doodles. She was a gift from God to our family and is everything we never knew we needed in a dog. Her beautiful nature and incredible loyalty completely sold me out to Doodles… and that’s what started the beautiful, crazy world of Cloud Nine Doodles.


  • Coat ~ B/B, Wavy, White, Fleece
  • Height ~ 21.5″
  • Weight ~ 52 lbs
  • Hips ~ OFA Fair.
  • Elbows ~ OFA Normal.
  • Patellas ~ Normal.
  • CERF ~ Clear.
  • Heart ~ Normal.
  • Thyroid ~ Normal.
  • DM, ICH, PRA-GR1, PRA-PRCD, NEWS & vWD Clear

Discover more about Shilo’s Health testing


F1 Double Doodle


Miss Gracie gets the “Wow-Factor” where ever she goes. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous and beautifully put together, but she’s intelligent, obedient, sweet, cuddly, extremely intuitive, and an outstanding athlete.


This girl is FAST!


Gracie and her human, Tory, are going to make it to the Agility Nationals one day! All you’ve got to say is “You wanna go jump?” and Gracie heads for the door. 

  • Coat ~ B/B, Wavy, White, Fleece
  • Height ~ 20″
  • Weight ~ 49 lbs
  • Hips ~ PennHip 0.61 (R), 0.58 (L)
  • Patellas ~ Normal
  • CERF ~ Clear
  • Heart ~ Normal
  • Thyroid ~ Normal
  • DM, EIC, HNPK, ICH, NEWS, PRA-crd4, PRA-GR1, PRA-GR2, PRA-PRCD, & vWD Clear

Discover more about Gracie’s Health testing

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