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We are working off of a 2+ year waitlist for Bernedoodles (shorter for Double Doodles), but if you’re willing to wait please fill out an application.

If you’re needing a puppy more immediately, feel free to contact me, and I will happily send you some tips on what to look for in a good breeder. is an excellent resource for finding quality, health-testing, and responsible breeders. There are three levels of breeders; with excellent breeders doing the top-level of health testing. Another way to get a pick-of-the-litter puppy sooner, if you live in Whatcom County, is to consider our Guardian Home Program. 

Guardian Home Program 

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Our Latest Litter of Double Doodles....

Born February 12, 2021

We have two babies from our beautiful litter of Double Doodles (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle) available. We are still looking for a guardian home for Noelle, who will grow to about 35 lbs, and Nixon was placed, but due to an unexpected illness in the family, he is now looking for his furever home. These babies are 1/2 Poodle, 3/8 Labrador, and 1/8 Golden. If you’d like to be considered for our next litter of Double Doodles, ready sometime around November 2021, please fill out an application. 
Looking for a Guardian Home for this Gorgeous Girl
Nixon is Looking for His FurEver Home
Nyles is Living the Life in Newcastle with His New Family
Nova is now a California Girl
Nico is with His Furever Family in Tacoma
Nellie is Making Her Family So Happy in Northgate

Sire: Moonlit Acres Friar Tuck

AKA “Tuck”

Tuck is a small medium boy with a very calm, laid-back demeanor. His owner Dana, of Moonlit Acres, says he’s produced the nicest puppies she’s ever had. Tuck has a non-shedding, wavy fleece coat. 

Tuck lives in Oregon and is owned by Moonlit Acres.


Breed: Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle
Chocolate & White Parti

B/b or bb E/e KB/KY, aw/at, S/sp, F/F Carries for: parti & Phantom, Tri-Color & Wolf Sable, DM

Coat: Wavy Fleece
Height: 17″ Weight: 28 lbs
Hips:  Excellent, Elbows: Normal
EIC, HNP, NEwS, MCD, PRA & vWD clr. DM Carrier

Gracie Double Doodle

Dam: Cloud Nine Doodles’ Amazin’ Gracie

AKA “Gracie”

Miss Gracie gets the “Wow-Factor” where ever she goes. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous and beautifully put together, but she’s intelligent, obedient, sweet, cuddly, extremely intuitive, and an outstanding athlete. Owned by: Sally Powell, Lynden, WA

Breed: Double Doodle (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle)

Color: Cream

Height: 20″ Weight: 49 lbs.

Health Testing:

Hips: PennHip 0.61 (R), 0.58 (L)

Elbows: Normal.

Patellas: Normal.

Cerf: Clear.

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal


Our Latest Litter of Bernedoodles....

Born April 8, 2021

This litter of 5 tri-color Bernedoodle puppies are all reserved except for a female, pick-of-the-litter for which we’re looking for a guardian home in Whatcom County. If you’d like to be considered for our guardian home program, please read the contract here and fill out an application on our website. Please note in the comments that you’re interested in being a guardian.

We were so impressed with Kimber x Mika puppies we made the drive back to Montrose, CO to breed Mailey.  Thank you to Tammie at Rocky Mtn Bernedoodles for allowing us to use this gorgeous, sweet boy! We’re super excited to see the beautiful puppies these two will produce – with both parents being loving, gentle, and kind-natured – and with the tri-color and excellent hips they both bring to the table, we should have a whole litter of gorgeous, tri-color, and healthy puppies somewhere in the standard 55 – 65 lb range. 

Sire: Rocky Mtn Made In America Kimber

AKA “Kimber”

Kimber is a medium sized handsome gentlemen who has a sweet, loving temperament and will produce great puppies for our program. He has a non-shedding, wavy fleece coat.  

Kimber lives in Colorado and is owned by Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles.

Breed: Multi-Generational Austalian Labradoodle
Chocolate Tri-Color

Coat: Wavy Fleece F/F
Height: 16″ Weight: 41 lbs
Hips:  Excellent, Elbows: Normal

DM, EIC, HNP, NEwS, PRA & vWD clr

Mailey in Colorado

Dam: Road Trippin’ USA Mountain Marley

AKA “Mailey”

Mailey is a very happy-go-lucky girl who lives with us at our home. She is an exceptional watch dog, but she’s not aggressive with other animals or humans. Mailey is extremely loyal, and she is allowed run of the property without fear of abandonment. She keeps away the predators and scavengers alike. She’s always happy to greet us, and smiles when she gets her attention. Owned by: Sally Powell, Blaine, WA

AKC # WS5864

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Color: Tri-Color

Height: 27″ Weight: 105 lbs.

Hips: OFA Excellent. Elbows: OFA Normal. Patellas: Normal.

Cerf: Clear. Heart: Normal Thyroid: Normal 

vWD clear. DM Carrier

Our Planned Bernedoodle Litter...

Ready to go sometime in August / September 2021

This litter is Completely Reserved

At this time, we are planning a repeat breeding to Kimber of Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles in Colorado. We will tentatively be looking for a guardian home for the pick-of-the-litter puppy. Must live in Whatcom County.

Sire:  Rocky Mtn Made In America Kimber

AKA “Kimber”

Kimber is a small sized boy with a gorgeous coat of non-shedding soft wavy chocolate and white fleece coat.

From Rocky Mtn Bernedoodles:  This handsome gentlemen lives at Rocky Mtn Bernedoodles.  He has a sweet loving temperament and will produce great Australian Bernedoodle puppies for our program.

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Color: Chocolate Tricolor

Small Medium: 16″ 41#’s

Pawprint panel clear

Hips/excellent elbows/normal


Dam: AKC Mika’s Misty Midnight Dream

AKA “Mika” 

Mika is a gorgeous AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog with champion bloodlines. Mika is an amazing mom – passing her laid back and loving nature to her pups. Three of her babies are now in therapy training / positions. Mika is owned by Tayler Powell and lives at Cloud Nine Doodles.

Breed: AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog
Color: Tri-Color
Height: 19″
Weight: 110 lbs


Hips: OFA Excellent  Elbows: Normal  Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal  Cerf: Clear  Thyroid: Normal
DM Carrier & vWD clear


Previous Litter of Mailey Bernedoodles...

Congratulations to the Following Families Who Got One of These Furbabies. 

Puppy # 1 – Romano Family of Arizona
Puppy # 2 – Libby Family of Massachusets
Puppy # 3 – Loudon Family of Washington

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