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At Cloud Nine Doodles our #1 top priority is finding the best home possible for our puppies. We feel it is our responsibility to make sure they find a forever home that will allow them to become one of the family; to be treated with respect, love, and devotion – which is exactly what you can expect to receive from them.

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the Doodles Nine ~ Born May 29th, 2020

Born May 29, 2020

Congratulations to the Following Families Who Will Get One of These Furbabies. 

Puppy # 1 – Lehman Family (Guardian Home)

Puppy # 2 – Schaures Family
Puppy # 3 – Hutchings Family
Puppy # 4 – Kingston Family
Puppy # 5 – Hawley Family

Puppy # 6 – Hudson Family
Puppy # 7 – Brand Family
Puppy # 8 – Natour Family
Puppy # 9 – Maassen Family

Sire: Moonlit Acres Giorgio Armani

AKA “Giorgio”

Giorgio is a small sized boy with a gorgeous coat of non-shedding Soft Wavy black and White Parti Fleece Coat. Giorgio is friendly and outgoing but a chilled out boy. Giorgio lives in Vancouver, Washington and is owned by Moonlit Acres.

Breed: Multigenerational Austalian Labradoodle

Color: Tricolor / Black & Tan

Small Medium: 17″ 29#’s

ALAA # WALA00013961

BbEe KB/KB at/at F/F sp/sp Parti
Cerf: Clear

DM, EIC, HNP, NEwS, PRA & vWD Clear


Dam: AKC Mika’s Misty Midnight Dream

AKA “Mika” 

Mika is a gorgeous AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog with champion bloodlines. Mika is an amazing mom – passing her laid back and loving nature to her pups. Three of her babies are now in therapy training / positions. Mika is owned by Tayler Powell and lives at Cloud Nine Doodles.

Breed: AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dog
Color: Tri-Color
Height: 19″
Weight: 120 lbs


Hips: OFA Excellent  Elbows: Normal  Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal  Cerf: Clear  Thyroid: Normal
DM Carrier & vWD clear


Upcoming Bernedoodle Litter

Expected August 22, 2020

We are no longer taking deposits for this litter, and we have an ongoing list of backup applicants, but if you’re willing to wait until mid-2021, please fill out an application and indicate you’re willing to wait. If you’re needing a puppy more immediately, feel free to contact me, and I will happily send you some tips on what to look for in a good breeder. is an excellent resource for finding quality tested and responsible breeders. Check them out @

Congratulations to the Following Families Who Are in Line To Get One of These Furbabies. 

Puppy # 1 – Breeder’s Choice – Holmes Family Guardian Home

Puppy # 2 – Fergusen Family
Puppy # 3 – Ouilette Family
Puppy # 4 – Richardson Family
Puppy # 5 – Romano Family

Puppy # 6 – Salas Family

Puppy # 7 – Maassen Family

Puppy # 8 – Taylor Family

Sire:  Lovable Labradoodles I Am So Slick

AKA “Slick”

Slick is a mini boy with lots of personality in addition to his good looks! Slick is a confident boy and has some great puppies on the ground to prove his stud-a-bility to give us some very nice babies. Slick has a non-shedding, wavy fleece coat. 

Slick lives in Oregon and is owned by Moonlit Acres.



Breed: Multi-Generational Austalian Labradoodle
Black & White Parti

BbEe, sp/sp – parti

Carries for: phantom, brown, tricolor, black & tan F/F

Coat: Wavy Fleece
Height: 16″ Weight: 26 lbs
Hips:  Good, Elbows: Normal
Cerf: Clear
DM, EIC, HNP, NEwS, PRA & vWD clr

Dam: Road Trippin’ USA Mountain Marley

AKA “Mailey”

Mailey is a very happy-go-lucky girl who lives with us at our home. She is an exceptional watch dog, but she’s not aggressive with other animals or humans. Mailey is extremely loyal, and she is allowed run of the property without fear of abandonment. She keeps away the predators and scavengers alike. She’s always happy to greet us, and smiles when she gets her attention. Owned by: Sally Powell, Blaine, WA

AKC # WS5864

Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

Color: Tri-Color

Height: 27″ Weight: 105 lbs.

Hips: OFA Excellent.

Elbows: OFA Normal.

Patellas: Normal.

Cerf: Clear.

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

vWD clear.

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