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The Best Doodles: Why We Love Doodles

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Cloud Nine Doodles has focused on two specific Doodle breeds because we love so many of the different characteristics in each of these breeds; The Double Doodle and the Bernedoodle. They are similar but also different in many ways. You just have to experience these breeds to understand why we love Doodles. 

Meet Dexter, our gorgeous, gotta-have-one Double Doodle owned by the Bruland Family. Have you had trouble deciding between a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle… why not get both??? The Double Doodle is one of the most amazing breed combos ever. Just take two of the most sought-after dog breeds around today (Goldendoodle and Labradoodle) and put them together, and you have a Double Doodle; or in more high-falutin’ terms… a North American Retriever. Or, in simpler terms, a dog you will fall in LOVE with!!! We’ve had nothing but rave reviews on them. Super smart, light to non-shedding, easy-going, loyal, and very devoted. They guard your home when they need to, but they are not barkers just to bark. Super easy to potty train – very obedient and ever-longing to please. Great for Agility or Obedience Classes. Just a few reasons why we love Doodles.

We successfully raised a beautiful litter of Bernedoodle puppies in 2019, and we were awestruck at how AMAZING and chill they are. I had thought there was no better dog on the planet than a Double Doodle… until I met the Bernedoodles.  When I’d done searches on the “chillest doodle” out there, most times Bernedoodles were at the top of the list. Now I know why! These puppies will amaze you at how smart, willing, and chill they are. Three out of five of our first litter were placed as therapy dogs in training, and they are progressing wonderfully. We have never had a negative comment on any of our Doodles. We’re so excited that we added them to our breeding program here at Cloud Nine Doodles. We’d like to personally thank Kim at Moonstruck Bernedoodles and Karen at Dreamland Doodles for all the advise and knowledge they’ve shared about the Bernedoodle, Australian Labradoodle, genetics, and superb breeding practices.  We are indebted to them for allowing us to use their beautiful boys to sire our puppies as well.

We have been smitten with the Doodle Bug and will likely never go back to the purebred breeds again.  The hardiness and inherent behavior improvements that we’ve enjoyed with the hybrids is like nothing we’d ever encountered in all our year’s experience with purebred lines. Just increasing the life span of the Bernese Mountain Dog from 5 – 7 years to 12 – 15 years in the Bernedoodle is so wonderful and worth it all! And that’s just one small thing… there are so many other advantages. I recommend you do your own research. I found this very objective article about the pros and cons of hybrids over purebreds. Sometimes objectivity is difficult to come by when this subject is approached. I found this article from Dogaholic refreshing. Once again… ask Google to help lead you in the decision you’re now making.   If we can help in any way, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Come out and see why we love Doodles!

Dexter the Double Doodles. Why We Love Doodles

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