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Welcome to Cloud Nine Doodles where our amazing puppies are waiting for you. Our mission is to fill your hearts and homes with a precious bundle of joy. If you’d like to be considered for a Cloud Nine Doodle, please fill out an application on our “Are You Ready To Doodle” page

If you’d like a chance at pick of the litter… consider our Guardian Home Program option. 

Selected Whatcom County applicants only.

Guardian Home Program 

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Meet Our
of the Past, Present, and Future

Our Newest Bernedoodle Litter...

Born July 22,  2023

We had our nicest litter of Bernedoodles ever born in July. Thank you Rusty and Liza for some OUTSTANDING Bernedoodle puppies! We are so impressed with these beautiful babies; from their easy-going temperaments, to their trainability, and their super-nice, allergy-friendly coats. We couldn’t be more pleased, and it makes us so happy to know that we now own the brother to these babes, and we’re looking forward to more of the same from the up-and-coming Amani. Due to a months-long issue of our applications not being delivered, and waitlist candidates backing out, 

We still have one very special puppy available and waiting for you!

Meet Miss Scarlett

Scarlett is Looking for Her New Best Friend

For more information on Scarlett, head on over to our Apply Now page.

Sire:  Moonstruck Bernedoodles “Rusty”

Rusty is “Mr. Perfect”! We cannot gush about the boy enough! Rusty is a multi-generational Bernedoodle with extremely strong pigment, great markings, and a soft, easier-to-manage coat, all wrapped up in a super friendly, happy, compact, little package. Rusty gets along with everyone he meets: people, including kids, other dogs, cats… he’s just a really nice guy all around! Rusty and Tashi’s puppies were one of the sweetest litter of puppies Cloud Nine Doodles has ever raised.  

Rusty is owned by Moonstruck Bernedoodles on Vancouver Island, BC


Breed: Multi-Generational Bernedoodle (39% BMD / Poodle)

DOB: June 2021

Color: Tricolor (Irish/Irish)

 Ee, kyky, atat, B-, sisi

Medium: 19″ & 40 lbs

e-vet diagnostics: Good / PennHip: R .50 L .51
Elbows: e-vet Diagnostics: Normal
Cerf: Normal Pra: Normal vwd: Normal DM: Normal

Pawprint panel clear, IC clear

Dam: Cloud Nine Doodles’ “Liza”

Liza is a stunning AKC Bernese Mountain Dog bred by LK Bernedoodles out of Central Oregon. Liza is an absolute joy to have around and she’s loved by everyone who meets her. She never meets a stranger and her happy-go-lucky nature makes everyone smile. She’s a great source of strength and joy to her guardian home, where she lives in Lynden with Cloud Nine’s other BMD girl, Josie (aka Gypsy). This first-ever litter from Liza has been our best litter of Bernedoodles EVER! With Liza’s sweet, fun, and willing demeanor, and Rusty’s easy-going, fun, and happy nature – we just couldn’t go wrong here. The puppies have been so, so smart and willing! Lots of love and cuddles for everyone – and that’s just like their mama and their papa. Thank you to Liza’s guardian home for allowing us to have Liza in our home for eight weeks, and for your help in bringing these precious babies into the arms of their new families. CND thanks you. We couldn’t do it without you. 

Breed: AKC Bernese Mountain Dog

DOB: 12/22/2020
Color: Traditional Tri-Color
Medium: 24″ & 85 lbs

Hips: Pennhip R .56, L .53, 

Elbows: Normal  Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal  Cerf: Clear  

Genetically Clear Except 1 Copy DM (Carrier Only)

Cloud Nine Doodles Bernedoodle Puppy Waiting For You
Cloud Nine Doodles Bernedoodle Puppy Waiting For You
Cloud Nine Doodles Bernedoodle Puppy Waiting For You

Our Next Expected Litter of
Bernedoodles is expected to be
Extra Special!

We’re planning a crossing of two very exceptional Cloud Nine Doodles in the near future. We’re expecting this litter to be ready to go home sometime around January/February 2024. These gorgeous Doodles will be an amazing combination of the following breeds (percentages are approximations based on Embark genetic testing of the sire and the dam. Each puppy may differ slightly):
60% Poodle
15% Bernese Mtn Dog
8% Cocker Spaniel
7% Golden Retriever
7% Australian Shepherd
4% Labrador Retriever
The dam, Cloud Nine Doodles’ Mountain Baker, is a cross between Cloud Nine Doodles’ Amazin’ Gracie and Moonlit Acres’ Friar Tuck, a multi-gen, registered Australian Labradoodle. Baker is a 29 lb, 3rd-generation Double Doodle (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle).
The planned sire is Cloud Nine Doodle’s New Kid on the Block… Moonstruck Wanderer of the Peaceful Seas Amani, a multi-generational Bernedoodle from Moonstruck Bernedoodles. Amani’s sire is Rusty, and his dam is Ruby; both owned by Moonstruck Bernedoodles of Campbell River, BC. Amani’s projected adult weight is 45-50 lbs. I am so excited to see these puppies. They should weigh in somewhere between 30 – 45 lbs. We have a bit of availability on this litter, but it won’t last long. Apply today. Picking will take place at 7 weeks, in the order deposits are placed.
Cloud Nine Doodles Peer Support Therapy Dog Amani

Sire: Moonstruck Wanderer of the Peaceful Seas “Amani”

Amani is a medium (small standard) boy with a very sweet, loyal, laid-back demeanor. He has a high drive to please, is a quick learner, and is a very loyal boy who loves to be with his humans. Amani never meets a stranger and wants to be friends with all… humans and animals alike.  Amani is a dream on a leash due to his bit of Australian Shepherd heritage (we can thank the aussie for that beautiful merle coloration as well). Amani is a multi-generational Bernedoodle out of Rusty and Ruby, owned by Moonstruck Bernedoodles of Campbell River, BC, and is owned by Cloud Nine Doodles. Amani lives with his guardian home/handler, Derek, in Anacortes. Amani is working towards becoming a peer support dog for a local fire station, just like another Cloud Nine Doodle, Zoe, who is a peer support dog for the Pike Market Fire Station with her handler, Michael Dulas. A Denver television station did a short on the Peer Support Dog program, highlighting Zoe and Michael, and you can watch that here.  You can also follow ZoetheFiredoodle on Instagram. We’re so excited to add Amani to the Cloud Nine Family and can’t wait to see the beautiful puppies he will produce. A special shout out to Amani’s co-owner and handler, Derek who is doing a spectacular job with Amani. Thanks, Derek, for all you do to serve in your community 

and in Amani’s life!

Amani is a blue Merle, quad color with a gorgeous, non-shedding, wavy fleece coat .


Breed: Multi-Generational Bernedoodle

38.7% Poodle (Small)

26.4% Bernese Mountain Dog

21.1% Poodle (Standard)

13.8% Australian Shepherd

F/F Carries for: Irish/Irish

Height: 21″ Weight: 50 lbs

Health Testing:

Pennhip: R .38, L .37

OFA Prelims: Good

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal

Eyes/Cerf: Clear.

Heart: Normal

Genetically Cleared

Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy Baker
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy Baker

Dam: Cloud Nine Doodles’ Mountain “Baker”

AKA “BayBay”

Miss Baker is our resident old-soul on Cloud Nine. She is beautiful inside and out, uber intelligent, super obedient, sweet, loyal, and extremely fast! She loves to give the other dogs at the dog park a run for their money – and none of them can catch her. She is loyal and wherever you are – there she is. I call her my shadow and one of my most loyal and trusted friends. She’s intuitive and sensitive and loves nothing better than to just lay at your feet as you work. She’s always the first to greet me when I awake in the morning, and she’s the number 1, best road trippin’ buddy in the world!

Bred and Owned by Cloud Nine Doodles, Lynden, WA


Breed: 3rd Generation Double Doodle 

(Goldendoodle x Labradoodle)

35.7% Poodle (Standard)

28.3% Poodle (Small)

15.4% Cocker Spaniel

13.4% Golden Retriever

7.2% Labrador Retriever

Color: Black and White Parti

Small Medium

Height: 17″ Weight: 29 lbs.

Health Testing:

Hips: PennHip 0.61 (R), 0.58 (L)

Elbows: Normal.

Patellas: Normal.

Cerf: Clear.

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal

Genetically Clear Except 1 Copy DM (Carrier Only)

Meet Our
Double Doodles
Double Doodles
of the Past, Present, and Future

Our next planned litter of Double Doodles will be Whitney x (To Be Decided) ALDA (likely Moonlit Acres Owned).

This will be Cloud Nine’s FIRST-EVER litter of mini’s! 

I know there are many people who will be on Cloud Nine with this news!!

The dam, Whitney, is a cross between Cloud Nine Doodles’ Amazin’ Gracie, a 2nd generation Double Doodle, and Moonlit Acres’ Friar Tucka multi-gen, registered Australian Labradoodle. 

(Please Note – Australian Labradoodles should not be confused with Australian Shepherds.
They have none of this breed present – the “Australian” indicates the presence of a small amount of Cocker Spaniel).
Check out ALDAs (Australian Labradoodle Association of America) here.
These are the best dogs on the planet!! We are now accepting deposits on this litter. 
These babies will be appx 20-25 lbs depending on which sire we decide on using.

Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy Whitney

Dam: Cloud Nine Doodles’ “Whitney” of the Mountain Pines

Whitney is the whole package in a compact small body. She thinks she’s a big girl with the can-do attitude of her 50 lb mama, Gracie. Gracie is an amazing agility runner, because she’s so fast, smart, and obedient; Whitney is a miniature version of her. Whitney has a high drive to please combined with a super intelligence, making her extremely easy to train. Whitney is Cloud Nine bred out of our own “Amazin’ Gracie” and Moonlit Acres’ Fria Tuck. Whitney never meets a stranger and her happy-go-lucky nature makes everyone smile. This first-ever litter from Whitney is a much-anticipated litter of mini’s we’ve been working towards for a long time now. We know that with their mama’s phenomenal disposition, 

and a top-pick small boy from Moonlit Acres, it’s going to be a recipe for success.

Breed: Double Doodle (Labradoodle x Goldendoodle)

Mixed Ancestry

33.6% Poodle (Small)

32.0% Poodle (Standard)

16.5% Cocker Spaniel

9.3% Golden Retriever

8.6% Labrador Retriever

DOB: 7/7/2022

Color: White with Tan Points
Medium: 16″ & 28 lbs

Pennhip: R .40, L .37, OFA Prelims: Good

Elbows: Normal  Patellas: Normal
Heart: Normal  Eyes/Cerf: Clear  

Genetic Panel: Clear

Our Previous Litters of Double Doodles....

Gracie’s Farewell litter of Double Doodles was born April 10, 2023

We are going to miss having the Amazin’ Gracie pups around, but looking forward to meeting some Baker and Whitney pups in the coming months. Stick around. You won’t be disappointed.

Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Bailey (Female)
Cloud NIne Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Frans (Male)
Cloud NIne Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Romy (Female)
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Noelle is in a Therapy Home in Portland
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Nixon is Happy in Seattle
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Nyles is Living the Life in Newcastle with His New Family
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Nova is now a California Girl
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Nico is with His Furever Family in Tacoma
Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy
Nellie is Making Her Family So Happy in Northgate

Sire: Moonlit Acres Friar Tuck

AKA “Tuck”

Tuck is a small medium boy with a very calm, laid-back demeanor. His owner Dana, of Moonlit Acres, says he’s produced the nicest puppies she’s ever had. Tuck has a non-shedding, wavy fleece coat. 

Tuck lives in Oregon and is owned by Moonlit Acres.


Breed: Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodle
Chocolate & White Parti

Health Testing:

B/b or bb E/e KB/KY, aw/at, S/sp, F/F Carries for: parti & Phantom, Tri-Color & Wolf Sable, DM

Coat: Wavy Fleece
Height: 17″ Weight: 28 lbs
Hips:  Excellent, Elbows: Normal
EIC, HNP, NEwS, MCD, PRA & vWD clr. DM Carrier

Cloud Nine Doodles Double Doodle Puppy Gracie

Dam: Cloud Nine Doodles’ Amazin’ Gracie

AKA “Gracie”

Miss Gracie gets the “Wow-Factor” where ever she goes. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous and beautifully put together, but she’s intelligent, obedient, sweet, cuddly, extremely intuitive, and an outstanding athlete. Check out her agility videos on the blog page. Owned by: Sally Powell, Maple Falls, WA

Breed: Double Doodle (Goldendoodle x Labradoodle)

Color: Cream

Height: 20″ Weight: 49 lbs.

Health Testing:

Hips: PennHip 0.61 (R), 0.58 (L)

Elbows: Normal.

Patellas: Normal.

Cerf: Clear.

Heart: Normal

Thyroid: Normal


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